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Power Vac of Ottawa Client Stories

Client success stories are the best endorsement of the services provided by Power Vac of Ottawa inOttawa and Eastern Ontario. Here are a few!


Dust everywhere, all the time! The Cloutiers couldn't figure out where the dust was coming from.

The Cloutier family lives near Ottawa in Orleans and they had a problem that perplexed them: a constant layer of dust settling on their furniture even shortly after cleaning

What was causing the frequent sneezing, coughing, and exacerbated asthma symptoms in the Smiths home?

The Smiths, a family of four residing in Kanata, near Ottawa, were experiencing persistent issues with allergies and respiratory discomfort.

Can't figure out where the musty odor is coming from? The Thompson family had the same problem.

Despite regular cleaning, the Thompsons from Vanier, Ottawa were perplexed by the persistent musty odor permeating their living spaces. 

Grappling with fluctuating energy bills and uneven heating and cooling? Duct cleaning may be the solution!

Are your monthly energy bills rising out of control? Can’t seem to identify a culprit, no matter what you try? The Martinez family in Barrhaven, Ontario came to Power Vac to them sort out the problem. 

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