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Commercial Duct Cleaning in Ottawa, ON

Keep your customers and colleagues healthy and energized with clean ductwork and a safe indoor environment created by at Power Vac of Ottawa. 

We service all types of commercial buildings - large and small as well as high rises - with industry-leading knowledge and state-of-the-art equipment.  


Commercial Air Duct Cleaning for Your Business

Our modern equipment enables us to access any commercial building to provide our duct cleaning services. 

Large Commercial Buildings

The spaces we can treat include office buildings, schools, hospitals, retirement homes, retail spaces, government buildings, and more. 

Small Commercial Buildings 

For smaller commercial buildings, like small single level offices, cafes, or retail stores, our team of HVAC professionals is here to ensure your customers and employees breathe healthy, fresh air. 

High-Rises, Condos & Apartments

The equipment we use to reach high-rise commercial buildings differs from other types of complexes, but our process, attention to detail, and goals remain the same.  We use powerful self-contained, portable vacuums that are easy to take up or down stairs — and use in tighter spaces.

  • Great Job! Troy was great with the process, attention to details. Would definitely recommend! Also used for a commercial job and they were great!
    - Stefan G.

Duct Cleaning Standardized Procedure

When it comes to cleaning the ductwork of commercial complexes, we follow a standardized procedure:

HVAC Inspection

Our cameras can scan up to 100 feet from the point of entry during an on-site inspection of the duct system. We can also video inspect the ducts’ interior, allowing us to review and analyze the system at any time.

Thorough Cleaning & Review

After inspection, we clean the entire heating and cooling system with our portable HVAC vacuums or truck-mounted equipment. To ensure efficiency, accuracy, and attention to detail, our operators will continually review the video footage to check that all contaminants are removed.

Attachments such as rotary brushes or whips will dislodge any debris and move it towards the vacuum, which will be removed through a HEPA filter and deposited in a self-contained dust hopper.

Doors & Panels Sealed

Once the HVAC system has been thoroughly cleaned, its access doors and panels are sealed per the NADCA’s guidelines to ensure the system is air-tight and fully functioning.

Commercial Duct Cleaning FAQs

  • What is an HVAC System?

    HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. This is the system that facilitates heating and cooling in your commercial buildings.

    The goal of an HVAC system is to provide optimal indoor comfort and promote high air quality with thermal regulation and ventilation of moisture, odours, and other pollutants.

    If your ducts are dirty, dust and particles circulate through each room of your commercial building, which you, your staff and / or your customers inhale every time you’re inside.

  • How often should the ducts be cleaned in a commercial building?

    It is generally recommended that ducts be cleaned every three to five years. However, this depends on several factors that have to do with your business.

    How often you should clean ducts in your commercial building depends on factors such as the age of the building, type of building, use of the structure, as well as geographic region.

  • What are the benefits of duct cleaning in a commercial building?

    Having the ducts cleaned in your commercial building allows your HVAC system to perform at its best, reducing the chances for wear and tear and elongating its life.

    Once your ducts are working more efficiently, you will likely see a change in your company's energy bills.

    In addition, it reduces dust and allergens in your business, meaning you, your staff and your customers can breathe easier.

  • How long does duct cleaning take in a commercial building?

    This depends on the size of the commercial building, the number of vents, and the level of dust.

    For smaller buildings, it can take two to four hours to fully clean air ducts. For bigger commercial spaces, it may take longer.

    Professional cleaning includes the return air vents, the supply air vents, and the return drop. However, jobs are assessed independently, and the actual time might differ.

  • How much does commercial duct cleaning cost?

    Many factors may affect the cost of this service. Many companies will offer an initial base price, which is likely to be much lower than the actual cost.

    The size of your commercial space, the ease with which technicians can access your HVAC system, the amount of supply and return vents, and the location of the air handling unit all factor into how much you’ll pay.

    If you are interested in a quote for your commercial building, please reach out to our team. We have no hidden charges or additional fees.

  • Is cleaning the ducts in a commercial building necessary?

    Cleaning the ducts is a necessary part of routine maintenance for any commercial building. It ensures your HVAC system works properly and allows your space to be filled with clean, allergen and dust-free air.  If you notice a decrease in the air quality in your commercial building, consider a ductwork refresh.

    As outlined above, there are many benefits to taking action. Power Vac of Ottawa can provide before and after pictures of the service to visualize the impact and results.

  • How can I tell if the ducts need to be cleaned in my commercial building?

    A telltale sign the ducts of your commercial building need to be cleaned is a constant layer of dust settling around your business. You can also lift up one or two of your vent covers and see if they are filled with dust or debris, giving you an idea of how the rest of the ductwork looks.

    If you have recently renovated a part of the building, you should consider scheduling a cleaning to remove any particles that may have travelled into your HVAC system.

    Additionally, if the air feels stuffier than usual, this may be a sign to get things checked out.

  • Can I clean the air vents of my commercial building?

    Due to the sophisticated and technical nature of the equipment used to clean air ducts, property owners are not recommended to attempt to clean them themselves. Our NADCA-certified technicians have the proper knowledge and tools to complete the job efficiently and safely, offering the peace of mind of a job done right.

    If you attempt to perform your own cleanings, you may also risk damaging your ducts or other parts of your HVAC system. It can also be dangerous if you have to climb on ladders to reach registers, so it’s best to speak with a technician.

    However, there are some things you can do in the meantime to maintain your ductwork and the entire heating and cooling unit, such as:

    • Checking your air filter monthly and replacing it as necessary
    • Regularly cleaning your space by vacuuming and dusting to keep the indoor air particle-free
    • Removing clutter and objects that block the unit and registers to allow proper airflow to all rooms of the building

Why Keep Your Ducts Clean?

Once your ducts are working more efficiently, you will likely see a change in your company's energy bills. Clean ducts also reduce dust and allergens in your business, meaning you, your staff and your customers can breathe easier.


Before Duct Cleaning, Power Vac of Ottawa


After Duct Cleaning, Power Vac of Ottawa

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