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Dust everywhere, all the time! The Cloutiers couldn't figure out where the dust was coming from.

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The Cloutier family lives near Ottawa in Orleans and they had a problem that perplexed them: a constant layer of dust settling on their furniture even shortly after cleaning.

The Challenge

It was a never-ending cleaning cycle. Everytime they cleaned, the dust resettled, raising concerns about the cleanliness of the HVAC system in the Cloutier's family home.

The Solution

The culprit was dust buildup in the ducts of the Cloutier's home that was on a continual circulating cycle throughout the house.

A thorough duct cleaning was the solution. After the Power Vac team completed the duct cleaning service at the Cloutier’s home, they were amazed at the reduction in dust accumulation. The house was cleaner and the need to clean reduced! 

  • We could not figure out where the constant dust came from… even right after cleaning! We were relieved to learn that it came down to getting the ducts cleaned.
    - The Cloutier Family - Orleans, ON

From the Power Vac Team

In addition to the health benefits of duct cleaning, the Cloutiers will likely also benefit from improved energy efficiency, reduced strain on their HVAC system (leading to extended lifespan) and all the other benefits that clean residential ducts offer.

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