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Grappling with fluctuating energy bills and uneven heating and cooling? Duct cleaning may be the solution!

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Are your monthly energy bills rising out of control? Can’t seem to identify a culprit, no matter what you try? The Martinez family in Barrhaven, Ontario asked Power Vac to investigate. 

The Challenge

Despite the HVAC system in the Martinez home being in seemingly optimal condition, their home remained uncomfortably hot in some areas and chilly in others.

The Solution

Power Vac of Ottawa completed a thorough assessment which utlimately revealed obstructed ducts impeding airflow, leading to energy inefficiency. 

Following a thorough duct cleaning, the Martinez family experienced more balanced temperatures and observed a noticeable reduction in their monthly energy costs.

  • Following a thorough duct cleaning, the temperature throughout our house became more balanced and we started to see a noticeable reduction in our monthly energy costs. Thank you!
    - The Martinez Family, Barrhaven

From the Power Vac Team

Through the Martinez family's experience, we can see how residential duct cleaning translates into tangible energy savings. By addressing obstructed ducts, Power Vac of Ottawa enabled the HVAC system to operate more efficiently, resulting in reduced energy consumption and lower utility bills.

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