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How Much Does Dryer Vent Cleaning Cost in 2024?

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As 2024 marches forward, many homeowners are curious about the cost of essential maintenance tasks, such as dryer vent cleaning. Keeping your dryer vent clean is not only important for fire prevention but also for energy efficiency, reducing energy bills, and prolonging the life of your appliance. Today, our experts discuss the average cost of residential dryer vent cleaning in Ottawa and what factors contribute to that cost.

What is the Average Cost of Dryer Vent Cleaning from Power Vac of Ottawa?

The cost of our dryer vent cleaning services starts at around $75. Prices may vary depending on a few factors, including the complexity of the job, such as single dryer vents located on a second floor, the length of your vent and if there are any pests we need to get rid of (just to name a few).

However, you can mitigate the average price of a dryer vent cleaning by bundling it with air duct cleaning services for additional savings, and improved indoor air quality in your home. The more services you bundle together, the more you can save overall.

What Factors Can Influence the Cost of Dryer Vent Cleaning?

As mentioned above, some of the factors include the location of the vent, the length, and if we need to remove any pests. But there are many additional factors that can influence the price, including:

Location of the Vent

Basements and first-floor vents are easier to clean because they are typically more accessible and require less effort to reach.

Second floor dryer vents are typically longer and more complex in design, making it difficult to reach all areas for proper cleaning. Additionally, the higher vent location can require special equipment or a dryer vent cleaning kit to safely access and clean effectively. 

Rooftop dryer vents are harder to clean because they are located in the hardest-to-reach areas, and require using special equipment and expertise to access and properly clean dryer vents. Additionally, roof vents are exposed to the weather, leading to a buildup of debris and potential blockages that can be more challenging to remove.

The Length of the Vent

Longer vents may have additional project costs due to the increased time required for cleaning. If your dryer is situated far from an exterior wall, for example, it likely has a longer vent pipe that may require extra attention during the duct cleaning process


Nature itself can make the cleaning process more expensive, as birds, mice, and squirrels may be attracted to the warmth of an uncovered vent, leading to nest-building and airflow obstruction. However, you can protect your home with plastic or metal guards placed on your dryer vent duct. These guards can also serve as covers for bathroom clogged vents, offering dual functionality.

Vent Turns

The number of bends in your dryer vent can affect the price of professional cleaning services. As the vent becomes more complex with each 90-degree turn, it requires more expertise to thoroughly clean. 

The Time Since Your Last Vent Cleaning

The longer it has been since your last professional dryer vent cleaning, the more likely it is that there is a buildup of lint traps and debris, which can make the regular cleaning process more time-consuming and labor-intensive. This increased level of difficulty can result in higher costs for the service. 

Schedule your professional dryer vent cleaning today with our dryer vent cleaners to ensure optimal performance and safety for your home. Contact Power Vac of Ottawa now to book an appointment and avoid potential hazards caused by a neglected vent system.

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