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Dryer Vent Cleaning Tools: Simple Guide for Effective Maintenance

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Dryer Vent Cleaning Tools: Simple Guide for Effective Maintenance

Knowing how to clean a dryer vent is not just a matter of cleanliness, but of safety. Dirty dryer vents are a leading cause of dryer fires. The good news is that it can be a simple DIY task you can tackle when you have a couple of free hours to spend on home improvement. Today, our technicians will walk you through the basics.

1. Prepare Your Cleaning Equipment

For a basic DIY dryer vent cleaning, you will need:

  • A vacuum with a hose attachment
  • Electrical or duct tape
  • A broom and dustpan
  • Dryer duct cleaning kit
  • A power drill

2. Safely Remove the Dryer and Disconnect Duct

If it's a gas dryer, remember to turn off the gas valve too. Also disconnect the dryer duct located on the back of the dryer.

3. Thoroughly Vacuum the Dryer Vents

Turn on the vacuum cleaner, with the hose attachment, and vacuum all around the inside of the vent. If possible, try and get into the dryer exhaust duct too.

4. Attach Flexible Rods to Power Drill

A dryer duct cleaning kit allows for a deeper penetration into the duct. Standard dryer vent cleaning kits come with flexible rods, allowing up to 12 feet of reach. To ensure safety, tape over each connection with electrical tape. The kits normally include a rotating brush for your power drill for easy access.

Here are some examples of useful dryer vent cleaning kits that can come in tool cleaning kits, or that you can buy separately.

Spinning Skipper Ball

The spinning action of the skipper ball effectively removes lint and dirt from dryer vent surfaces, making it a minimally invasive tool. No force is applied, ensuring that the inner surface is not damaged.

Blue Skipper Line Tubing

Skipper line tubing is made of abrasion-resistant urethane and has crimped brass sleeves to protect duct vents. It is available in lengths of up to 500 feet and remains stiff in cold weather.

Scorpion Spinning Brush

If whips are ineffective at removing lint from the dryer, a spinning brush can help. This spinning brush's bristles act like helicopter blades, pushing lint and debris towards you. This cleaning tool works in ducts with a diameter of 6" or less and requires a minimum of 175 PSI to operate.

Skipper Line with Reverse Spinning Skipper Ball

This tool combines a deep-reaching skipper line with high-pressure compressed air power and the efficient function of a spinning skipper ball.

5. Activate the Drill and Operate the Brush

Turn the drill on to spin clockwise on medium power, slowly pulling the brush out. As debris, lint, and dirt spill out, the lint buildup disappears. Keep the drill running clockwise to avoid attachment disassembling and getting stuck inside the dryer duct.

6. Clean Up the Debris

Sweep up the debris and toss it. If there is residue left behind, you may need use soapy water to clean it.

7. Examine the Exterior Vent

The exterior vent may be located near the roof or low to the ground. Access is difficult in buildings with multiple stories, so cleaning is not possible. If near the ground, repeat the process of snaking flexible rods through and drilling brushing from the outside in.

8. Reassemble Your Vent Dryer System

Plug the dryer back in and reconnect the duct back into the dryer vent. If you have a gas dryer vent, make sure you turn the gas back on.

Final Thoughts: DIY Dryer Vent Cleaning Tips

Dryer vent cleaning and safety. If you can't perform the job adequately, it's best to call a professional. Dryers can be complex machines, and it's cheaper to pay for a professional cleaner (reduce your energy bills) than to buy a new dryer.

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