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5 Benefits of Improving Indoor Air Quality in the Workplace

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5 Benefits of Improving Indoor Air Quality in the Workplace

Controlling the quality of indoor air can be accomplished in a number of ways, including using a ventilation system. A well-designed system should be able to lower energy consumption while controlling the temperature and cleanliness in a room. In terms of the latter, it should eliminate air contaminants and carbon dioxide, as well as ensure efficient air cycling. According to ASHRAE, buildings should maintain carbon dioxide levels no higher than 700 parts per million (ppm). Furthermore, temperatures should range from 20 to 23 degrees celsius in the winter and 22 to 26 celsius in the summer.

Indoor air quality is of a vital concern to us all, as it has a significant impact on our short and long-term health and wellness. Today, let’s explore six benefits of improving air quality within a workplace through an efficient and effective HVAC system.  

Employee Comfort

No employee enjoys working in an uncomfortable workplace. Shivering or sweating all day in front of your computer screen is not ideal. It is important for an office space to have clean air and to consistently maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. This helps to create a more relaxing work environment where employees can focus. Keeping relative humidity under control (ideally between 40% and 60% RH) also helps in this regard while preventing dry skin, breathing difficulties, and other health issues. 

High Level of Productivity

Indoor air quality control can aid in concentration, job satisfaction, and decision-making. A study shared by Harvard Business Review found a link between air quality and productivity. It showed that air with a low level of carbon dioxide allowed people to be more effective in their roles. Furthermore, employees who work in green-certified buildings that are more energy efficient performed better in cognitive function tests. 

Reduced Sick Days

Increasing ventilation in a building has been shown to reduce absences due to illness by 25%. This is a combination of relative humidity control, as noted earlier, as well as having an efficient HVAC system that functions correctly and can handle the load capacity of your building.

As an example of these improved efficiencies in action, aerospace company Lockheed Martin decided in 1983 to move one of their teams to a building that was designed to improve airflow. They found that employee absences declined by about fifteen percent and, as a result, experienced greater productivity.

Maintaining Energy Bills

It can be challenging to maintain a business’s energy bills, as heating and air conditioning can add up to a substantial amount. Fortunately, it is possible to control these costs and maintain the benefits of a high-quality system. Here are a few things that you can try:

Energy Recovery Ventilation

This is an energy recovery process that exchanges temperature and humidity from a room that has been conditioned with fresh air. It is designed to remove contaminants and pollutants from the air that enters a room in order to keep it clean, comfortable, and safe for occupation. 

Variable Speed Compressors

A variable speed compressor is built to maintain constant air pressure. This system will alter the speed of its motor to suit the amount of pressure that is required.

Demand-Controlled Ventilation

This ventilation system uses a feedback control method to regulate indoor air quality. It automatically adjusts the ventilation rate for a room in response to fluctuations in conditions, such as pollutant concentration.

Controlling Indoor Relative Humidity

Another benefit of effective ventilation is the ability to control relative humidity. Again, staying in that 40% to 60% zone can reduce the risk of several health problems and airborne contaminants. The latter include mold, fungi, bacterial growth, and aerosol-based viruses. Additionally, relative humidity can help prevent allergies and ensure optimal comfort. 

The quality of the air we breathe at our workplace is important, and having clean HVAC ducts is a crucial part of this. By improving indoor air quality, you can increase productivity, create a pleasant working environment, and reduce energy consumption. For thorough and effective commercial duct cleanings or to discuss your workplace’s needs, contact us today

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