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7 Simple Tips to Improve Airflow at Home

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7 Simple Tips to Improve Airflow at Home

Airflow is important in every home. It helps regulate the temperature, stops particles from accumulating in your house, and creates a more pleasant environment. If you have been experiencing problems with the airflow in the past, don’t stress! There are many ways to fix the problem. Here are seven tips to help you get back to enjoying clean air in your home.

Open Windows and Doors

A simple way to improve airflow in your home is to open up your windows and doors. Crossflow improves ventilation and helps remove pollutants from the air. However, if the weather is humid or polluted, then opening windows may actually worsen air quality. If you need to keep your home cool during the summer months, open your windows and close the curtains. This will help circulate the air through the house, keeping the indoor temperature cooler, especially if there is a breeze outside.

Get an Attic Fan

If you don’t have an attic fan installed, then it might be time to consider getting one. Without proper ventilation, air will remain trapped, and heat will accumulate eventually, causing temperatures to rise within your home. This could lead to moisture damage and rot. If your attic is leaking air, it’s important to resolve the problem by circulating the attic airflow before it gets worse.

Install Exhaust Fans

Exhaust fans are an important part of keeping your indoor air clean and healthy. It’s best to have exhaust fans installed in areas such as your kitchen, bathroom, and/or laundry room. These systems are similar to a traditional fan, except they pull air and moisture out of rooms while letting fresh air in. They are designed to keep the air within your house clean and clear. Some will even remove odours while others can be great for removing airborne particulates and contaminants. 

Make Use of “Regular” Fans

For further improved airflow and comfort in various parts of your home, consider installing ceiling or standing fans. You may prefer to set these up near windows to keep cool air flowing through your house during the summer months. This is accomplished by the fan blades pulling fresh outside air into the home.

Don’t Block Vents or Registers 

When you design or decorate a room, remember to check all your registers and fans. Make sure that nothing is blocking them. If you notice something is wrong and cannot resolve the blockage safely on your own, contact an HVAC professional right away.

Repair Your Air Filters

Air filters should be replaced regularly. You may not realize that if you have an air filter that is clogged, it will reduce airflow in your HVAC system.  Air filters are designed to remove particulates from the air, so they help to keep indoor environments safe for occupants and comfortable, especially for those with allergies. If you notice that your air filters are clogged, replace them, or reach out to an HVAC technician if you need help.

Keep Your Ductwork Clean 

Debris builds up inside your HVAC system. As this happens, it reduces airflow, making it harder to control indoor air quality and temperatures. Your HVAC system has to work harder to keep you comfortable. This leads to higher energy bills as well as wear and tear on your equipment.

Controlling Indoor Relative Humidity

Another benefit of effective ventilation is the ability to control relative humidity. Again, staying in that 40% to 60% zone can reduce the risk of several health problems and airborne contaminants. The latter include mold, fungi, bacterial growth, and aerosol-based viruses. Additionally, relative humidity can help prevent allergies and ensure optimal comfort. 

Air circulation is an important factor in maintaining a healthy indoor environment. If you don’t maintain your HVAC system properly, it could cause problems later on. For inspections, recommendations, or repairs regarding  HVAC systems and better airflow, contact us today. We are happy to help make quality at home better for you and your family. 

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