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Duct Issues that Can be Prevented with Regular Maintenance

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Duct Issues that Can be Prevented with Regular Maintenance

There are many ways to have a comfortable living environment, one of them being the right cooling and heating solution for your needs and property size. A suitable system can make the difference between night and day in a home. It can save you from spending a long night in the cold to being in excessive heat. 

Proper maintenance is one of the easiest ways to ensure your cooling and heating are working to their fullest potential. Without this, common issues can be missed, making your home environment less comfortable and unhealthier. Here are four issues that can be prevented through regular duct maintenance. 

Dirty Ducts 

Like many areas in your home, dust can accumulate within a house’s ductwork. Without sufficient and regular maintenance, that dust can build up to the point where it negatively impacts duct performance. When air travels through your vents, it can ferry particulates into different rooms as well. This means that the air in all the spaces of your property could become dirtier if the ducts are not kept clean. 

Leaking Ducts 

According to HVAC experts, a home can lose up to 40% of the air that flows through one’s household or building through leaks. Air leaks can be caused by loose or disconnected ductwork, causing you to have an ineffective HVAC system. The goal of any such system is to maintain efficient airflow in all indoor spaces, ensuring sufficient air cycling and a healthy, comfortable environment. That airflow can’t be maintained when leaks are present.

Improperly Sealed Registers  

In addition to leaking and dust-filled ducts, improperly sealed registers can cause many issues. For example, if the ducts within a building are not sealed correctly, the air may be redirected to unintended locations, such as your basement or attic, causing your system to work overtime. This can lead to higher monthly energy bills. Furthermore, ducts that have not been closed correctly may permit pests to enter the HVAC system, which can cause infestations and the issues that come with them. 

Improper Insulation 

Having only parts of your duct system insulated can cause heat and air to escape. This means that maintaining appropriate conditions will be more difficult because your HVAC system is working harder to remain at the parameters you set. 

Your home should be a place of comfort and peace of mind. Though there are many common issues the ductwork within your home can face, regular maintenance helps to avoid most of them. At Power Vac of Ottawa, we are driven to help you maintain your indoor air quality and comfort. With our experience in serving all types of residential clients, you can trust in our professionals to get the job done. Contact us today to keep your HVAC system running smoothly and efficiently!

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