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9 Common Home Fire Hazards

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9 Common Home Fire Hazards

Keeping your family safe is always a number one priority, which is why it’s important to take precautions to prevent fire hazards at home. But the reality is, there are many potential dangers lurking at home that could lead to a fire. By taking appropriate measures, you can drastically reduce the risk and stay safe. Here are a few of the most common home fire hazards to be aware of so you can be proactive in preventing them.

Unattended Cooking

It’s one of the most common things we do at home, and it’s among the leading cause of fires. The combination of heat and grease can be very dangerous, especially if items are left unattended while cooking on the stovetop. Make sure to carefully pay attention whenever the stove or any cooking equipment is being used, and create a habit of double-checking that everything is turned off before leaving the kitchen.


During the winter, candles tend to be used more frequently. Leaving them unattended is another major hazard for fires. Never place the candles close to any furniture, combustibles, or fabrics like curtains when using them. To be safe, always keep them on a flat surface and if they’re on top of a candle holder, make sure they can’t easily move around or get knocked off the table.

Old Space Heaters

Old space heaters have a higher risk of overheating, which could ignite a fire. If you need to use a space heater, turn it off when you’re leaving the room and carefully follow the instructions for using it. Also, avoid plugging it into an extension cord with multiple devices plugged in.

Overloaded Electrical Outlets

Whether it’s a space heater or other devices, having too many items plugged into a single outlet or cord could overload the outlet and cause a fire. When you need to plug in a few different devices, use a multi-outlet tap.

Dryer Lint in Laundry Duct

Dryer lint is a very flammable material and leaving it to accumulate in the ducts for a few months can be incredibly dangerous. Be sure to clean out the lint trap regularly and hire a professional to clean the ducts out too.

Unattended Styling Devices

It can be easy enough to forget to switch off a curling iron or flat iron. But leaving styling devices unattended could cause them to overheat and ignite nearby materials. Get in the habit of double-checking that they’re turned off and unplugged. And when they are in use, place them down safely on a heat-resistant surface. 

Leaving Clothing and Fabrics Close to a Heat Source

Whether it’s a space heater, fireplace, stovetop, candle, or radiator, keep a clear perimeter around all heat sources. Remove any clothing, linens, scarves or other materials to keep the coast clear at all times. 


Dozing off while smoking a cigarette is another fire hazard that is all too common and easily avoidable. If you or someone at home smokes, keep it outside or safely bud it out.


Rodents can chew through almost anything, including drywall, steel and electrical wiring. And when they’re looking to create a nest, they will seek out heat sources and pile up flammable material such as paper and dried grass nearby. If you suspect that there are rodents nesting in your home, call an exterminator to get rid of them.

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