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The Importance of Choosing a NADCA Certified Company

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The Importance of Choosing a NADCA Certified Company

By choosing and working with a company that is certified by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA), you will be getting the best duct cleaning service available to you. NADCA is a global organization that trains and certifies professionals in the HVAC industry and ensures that the highest standards are met and adhered to by all its members when performing any duct cleaning service. Working with a duct cleaner who isn’t part of NADCA is comparable to allowing a lawyer to represent you that hasn’t passed the bar exam.

NADCA was created and started in February 1989 and by 1992, they had formed a Standard Committee and produced a Definition of Standards for Duct Cleaning.

This allowed customers to know whom they could trust to clean their ductwork properly; following the strict standards and guidelines set out by NADCA.

NADCA also created the very first certification program and designed an exam that tested students, technicians, owners and management on duct cleaning, industry codes, standards and much more. N

ADCA began offering ASCS training classes in 2001 and offers various forms of additional training today.

As you can see, working with someone who is part of NADCA, means that you know that they have gone through the proper training, been tested thoroughly and that your ducts will be cleaned to the highest of standards.

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