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Duct Cleaning Ottawa

Your heating and cooling system is like the lungs of your home or business — it works to circulate air and makes for easier breathing in your indoor environment. The key to clean air starts with regular cleaning and maintenance of your HVAC system’s ductwork.
That’s where our experts at Power Vac of Ottawa come in!

What is an HVAC System?

HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. This system facilitates heating and cooling in residential and commercial buildings. Its goal is to provide optimal comfort for your indoor environment and promote high air quality with thermal regulation and ventilation of moisture, odours, and other pollutants. If your ducts are dirty, dust and particles circulate through each room of the building, which you inhale every time you’re inside.

The Importance of Keeping Your Ducts Clean

As humans, we spend a lot of time indoors. Therefore, keeping your ducts clean is always a great idea, especially because your HVAC system circulates the same air over and over. Simply put, if your ducts are dirty, you breathe in polluted air each time you step through the door. Here are some of the significant benefits of cleaning ductwork:

  • Improves air quality: Nobody wants to breathe in dirty air. Cleaning your ducts will make your indoor environment feel fresher, which can improve your well-being.
  • Reduces symptoms: If you notice your allergies act up every time you step indoors, or you feel a tickle in your throat, this could mean that you’re surrounded by poor air quality. You can reduce these symptoms by having your ducts cleaned, which can eliminate air pollutants and restore your HVAC’s ventilation system.
  • Helps those with respiratory conditions: If you live with asthma or other respiratory conditions, keeping your indoor air clean, well-circulated, and ventilated can reduce the impact on your lungs.
  • Prolongs the life of your HVAC system: HVAC systems are not the cheapest to replace — regular cleaning and maintenance can extend the life of the system and prevent premature replacement.
  • Saves you money: Your HVAC system works harder to regulate indoor air when it’s full of debris, dust, and other pollutants. This extra effort drives up energy costs. Cleaning and maintaining your ductwork increases the unit’s efficiency and saves you from those monthly bill spikes.

What to Expect from Our Ottawa Duct Cleaning Services

Our NADCA-certified professionals use sophisticated technologies to ensure your HVAC and ductwork are protected. Here’s how you can prepare and what you can expect for your cleaning:

Before the appointment:

  • We’ll need full access to your vents and air registers, so please clear these access points.
  • If you have pets, let us know how you want us to manoeuvre around them safely!

During the appointment:

  • We’ll start with a thorough visual inspection of your heating and cooling system to verify its cleanliness and overall condition.
  • We will use our powerful vacuums and other specialized equipment to clean the dust and debris in your ducts. During this process, the HVAC system should be turned off.

We Service All Types of Buildings!

Our experts at Power Vac of Ottawa have the knowledge and experience to clean the ducts of all types of residential and commercial buildings.

Your home can be one of the most sacred indoor spaces you’ll ever encounter. This is likely where you spend most of your time — it’s where you sleep, eat, relax, or even work. Protect the health of you and your loved ones with Power Vac of Ottawa’s duct cleaning, sealing, balancing, and insulation remediation services.

We Pay Attention to Detail

No detail is too small. Our professionals perform thorough inspections and follow rigorous procedures. We target each part of your HVAC system to comprehensively understand its condition and ensure the whole unit is in top shape. The components we assess include the following:

  • Supply and return registers and ducts
  • Condensate drain pans
  • Heat exchangers
  • Grilles and diffusers
  • Fan parts
  • Coils for heating and cooling
  • Air handling unit housing

Powerfully Equipped to Clean Residential Ducts

We’re here to ensure your residential duct cleaning in Ottawa is done right. We use state-of-the-art equipment, including the following:

  • A truck-mounted vacuum unit delivers 15,000 to 25,000 cubic feet per minute of suction to create negative pressure in your ducts, facilitating powerful intake.
  • An eight-inch vacuum hose is used to apply suction to isolated zones.
  • The Scorpion Whip Package or Power Ball delivers up to 250 pounds per square inch of compressed air to the interior of the ductwork.

These technologies help us move through your house, zone by zone, to remove dust and debris from your duct system safely and effectively. We’re here to ensure the job is done right and completed to high standards.

Duct Sealing

Aside from regular cleanings, duct sealing is also an effective way to protect your home’s HVAC system and save energy. Leaks in your ductwork can be costly. They often occur due to temperature fluctuations, humidity, pressure imbalance, vibrations, general wear and tear, or pest infestations. Ductwork often leaks at seams, joints or other connecting parts, such as elbows. Here are some signs that may indicate a duct leak:

  • It takes a long time to cool down your house.
  • You experience uneven heating and cooling (cold and warm spots) throughout your home.
  • The indoor air is dusty.
  • You notice unusually high energy bills.

Sealing the problem areas prevents the warm or cool air from leaking, allowing more of the treated air to reach each room. Duct sealing is a cost-effective way to improve an HVAC system’s efficiency.

Duct Balancing

If you have a room that doesn’t seem to heat up or cool down as efficiently as the rest of your house, consider getting your ducts balanced. In this process, we adjust all the registers (vents) in your home to ensure proper, even airflow. We will measure the airflow around your home and balance the internal mechanisms of your registers accordingly to allow consistent hot or cold air into each room.

Insulation Remediation

Removing attic insulation is an effective way to save energy in your home. If your attic has old or dirty insulation, it may need replacement. Old attic insulation, for example, is often inefficient and could make your HVAC work twice as hard, leading to unnecessarily high energy bills. On the other hand, dirty attic insulation could result from pests, like rodents and birds, contaminating the material, which can lead to poor air quality in your home. If you have either of these situations, it may be time to remove your attic insulation to maximize your house’s safety and energy efficiency.

How to Know if You Need Your Ducts Cleaned

If your home feels stuffy or you’re having trouble breathing, there’s a good chance your air quality is not as good as it should be. Here are some other reasons to clean your ducts:

  • If you have pets that shed
  • You just bought a house
  • You completed major renovations recently
  • Dust particles appear on furniture and surfaces shortly after household cleaning
  • It has been more than five years since you last had your ducts cleaned

Get in touch with our experts at Power Vac of Ottawa for a consultation and to learn more about how we can improve your in-home air quality.

A fresh, clean indoor environment is the key to keeping customers and colleagues safe, healthy and energized. At Power Vac of Ottawa, we have industry-leading knowledge and state-of-the-art equipment to properly inspect the ductwork in your commercial building and clean any dirt and debris accordingly.

Large Commercial Buildings

Our modern equipment enables us to access any large building to provide our commercial duct cleaning services. The spaces we can treat include the following:

  • Office buildings
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Retirement homes
  • Retail spaces
  • Government buildings

When it comes to cleaning the ductwork of large commercial complexes, we follow a standardized procedure:

  • The first step is the HVAC inspection. Our cameras can scan up to 100 feet from the point of entry during an on-site inspection of the duct system. We can also videotape the ducts’ interior, allowing us to review and analyze the system at any time.
  • After inspection, in combination with our portable HVAC vacuums, we clean the entire heating and cooling system.
  • To ensure efficiency, accuracy, and attention to detail, our operators will continually review the video footage to check that all contaminants are removed.
  • Attachments such as rotary brushes will dislodge any debris and blow it towards the vacuum, which can be removed through a HEPA filter and deposited in a self-contained dust hopper.
  • Once the HVAC system has been thoroughly cleaned, its access doors and panels are sealed per the NADCA’s guidelines to ensure the system is air-tight and fully functioning.

Small Commercial Buildings

For smaller commercial buildings, like offices, cafes, or retail stores, our team of HVAC professionals is here to ensure your customers and employees breathe healthy, fresh air. The equipment we may use in these spaces includes the following:

  • Truck-mounted equipment, including a large vacuum hose. This equipment is designed to reach all zones, leaving your ductwork like new.
  • Scorpion Whip Package or Power Ball: These pieces of equipment can target your entire duct system with as much as 25,000 cubic feet per minute of suction inside the ducts and up to 250 pounds of compressed air for powerful and effective particle removal.

We may use one or a combination of these tools to ensure your ducts are dust and debris-free and make you feel welcome in your commercial space with fresh, clean air once again.

High-Rises, Condominiums and Apartments

High-rise buildings set us up for a unique challenge due to access. Since heavy-duty trucks cannot reach higher levels, we use powerful self-contained, portable vacuums. These vacuums are two-module systems that are easy to take up or down stairs. They are also fully assembled and can easily detach to be carried by hand — perfect for us when climbing to higher floors and working in tighter spaces.

Just because this method is self-contained and portable doesn’t mean it’s less effective. We can remove all debris from the HVAC system and filter it to prevent contaminants from being released into the air. These vacuums have a three-stage filtration system, 99.97% HEPA final filter, backward curved AT Gold blowers, and high-efficiency motors for optimal results.

The equipment we use to reach these high-rise commercial buildings may differ from other types of complexes, but our process, attention to detail, and goals remain the same. We will inspect the ductwork and ensure no spot is left behind so all occupants can breathe cleaner air.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although some may question the efficacy of cleaning your ducts, it is a necessary part of routine maintenance. It ensures your HVAC system works properly and allows your space to be filled with clean, allergen and dust-free air. If you notice a decrease in the air quality in your home or commercial building, consider a ductwork refresh. As outlined above, there are many benefits to taking action. Power Vac of Ottawa can provide before and after pictures of the service to visualize the impact and results.

This depends on the size of the building, the number of vents, and the level of dust. For many homes, it can take two to four hours to fully clean air ducts. For bigger commercial spaces, it may take longer. Professional cleaning includes the return air vents, the supply air vents, and the return drop. However, jobs are assessed independently, and the actual time might differ.

Many factors may affect the cost of this service. Many companies will offer an initial base price, which is likely to be much lower than the actual cost; however, this gives property owners a general idea to start. The size, the ease with which technicians can access your system, the amount of supply and return vents, and the location of the air handling unit all factor into how much you’ll pay. Prices can range from $250 to $1000. If you are interested in a quote, please reach out to our team. We have no hidden charges or additional fees.

Due to the sophisticated and technical nature of the equipment used to clean air ducts, homeowners or other property owners are not recommended to attempt to clean them themselves. Our NADCA-certified technicians have the proper knowledge and tools to complete the job efficiently and safely, offering the peace of mind of a job done right.

If you attempt to perform your own cleanings, you may also risk damaging your ducts or other parts of your HVAC system. It can also be dangerous if you have to climb on ladders to reach registers, so it’s best to speak with a technician.

However, there are some things you can do in the meantime to maintain your ductwork and the entire heating and cooling unit, such as:

  • Checking your air filter monthly and replacing it as necessary
  • Regularly cleaning your space by vacuuming and dusting to keep the indoor air particle-free
  • Removing clutter and objects that block the unit and registers to allow proper airflow to all rooms of the building

Having your ducts cleaned allows your HVAC system to perform at its best, reducing the chances for wear and tear and elongating its life. In fact, you will likely see a change in your energy bills since your ducts are working more efficiently. In addition, it reduces dust and allergens in your home, meaning you can breathe easier and pull out the duster a little less often.

A telltale sign your ducts need to be cleaned is a constant layer of dust settling around your home. You can also lift up one or two of your vent covers and see if they are filled with dust or debris, giving you an idea of how the rest of the ductwork looks. If you have recently renovated a room in your home, you should consider scheduling a cleaning to remove any particles that may have travelled into your HVAC system. Additionally, if the air feels stuffier than usual, this may be a sign to get things checked out.

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