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How Do Professionals Clean Ductwork?

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How Do Professionals Clean Ductwork?

Is your home looking dusty, even after you clean it up? Or maybe you’re noticing that your energy bills are higher than usual. Whether it’s dust, soaring bills or even allergy flare-ups, your ductwork could be to blame. Professional air duct cleaning can help to improve the air quality and comfort inside your home and even lower your monthly bills. A thorough cleaning will remove pollutants, dust mites, mould, allergens, and other particles that typically build up indoors. If you’ve been thinking about booking a professional service, you might be wondering what’s involved. Here’s the breakdown of how professionals clean your ductwork.

Visual Inspection of Ducts

The first step is to inspect the ducts, which requires assessing the amount of debris and accumulation present towards the return and supply registers. Your duct cleaning professional will use specialized cameras to get in and access the entire area to show the full scope of the build-up. In many cases, they may need to drill holes which is a normal part of the process. (Note: They will repair any holes they create.) During this inspection, they will also check for any signs of wear or damage, such as leaks or kinks in the ductwork. If they spot any issues, they will fix them or suggest a replacement if necessary. In some situations, the technician may need access to your attic or crawl space too.

Vacuum Out Dust and Debris

Next up, your technician will use a large, specialized vacuum to remove the dirt and dust. They’ll need to place an access hole in the ductwork to insert the hose directly. Once it’s in, they’ll seal it up tightly using an adhesive cover to ensure no air can get out. Then they will switch on the vacuum to loosen, suck up, and remove any debris inside. 

Insert Brushes to Dislodge Dirt

During the cleaning process, brushes will be inserted to scrub and clean out the ducts thoroughly. The brushes can tackle any dirt that’s lodged against the pipes that the vacuum could not loosen.

Clean Other Components of the System

In many cases, the technician will also clean out other components of the HVAC system, such as the heating and cooling unit.

Seal Up and Clean Up

Once they are satisfied and have eliminated all of the build-ups, they will seal up the ductwork and any holes they created for access. Finally, they’ll give the vents a cleaning before leaving and make sure your home is left the way it was when they arrived, but with clean and clear ductwork.

How Does Professional Duct Cleaning Benefit Me?

It Creates a Cleaner Environment to Live In

The air quality indoors is typically more toxic than outdoors. This is due to the wide range of particles and pollutants that are present from furniture, pets, paint, wood stains, household cleaners, mould spores and more. A professional duct cleaning service helps minimize pollutants and improve your interior by creating a cleaner living environment.

Reduce Allergens

Anyone who suffers from allergies, or any respiratory conditions, can be susceptible to poor indoor air quality. With so much dust and dander floating around in the ductwork and your home, it can make it uncomfortable and even unsafe to live in. Fortunately, duct cleaning can reduce allergy symptoms and promote a healthier, cleaner home.

Removes Musty Odours

If you’ve had persistent odours in your home with no known source, your ducts and vents could play a role in this too. Once the furnace or AC is switched on, it will circulate stale air, along with unpleasant particles that can make your place smell musty. When the dust is removed with detailed cleaning, all those particles that were contributing to a smelly home will also be eliminated.

Improves Efficiency and Reduces Energy Bills

It doesn’t take long for dust and grime to accumulate, especially for those who are living with pets. In the span of a year, the build-up can become so thick that it can significantly impact and reduce the airflow throughout your home. This forces your HVAC system to work twice as hard to balance the temperature and create a comfortable interior. Having a clean system will enable the HVAC unit to operate efficiently, which equates to lower energy usage and lower energy bills for homeowners each month.

How Often Should I Have Ducts Cleaned

Not sure when to schedule a duct cleaning? The general rule of thumb is to schedule one every 2-3 years to keep your home clean and fresh. For those who have allergies, children or pets, we recommend having them cleaned more often, approximately once per year.

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