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Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning Services

Regular dryer vent maintenance is necessary in order to maintain a safe indoor environment. The risk of inefficient dryer performance, overheating and even fires increase with years of neglect. Commercial operations, particularly laundromats and other similar establishments, are examples of properties that tend to suffer from neglected dryer vents.

If your location goes through a lot of laundry over the course of a year, it’s best to get your vents checked by the experts, and that’s where we come in. Power Vac of Ottawa offers highly proactive commercial dryer vent cleanings to help protect local businesses. With fast, dependable service and over half a century of experience, our team is an ideal choice!

Why Dryer Vents Need to Be Cleaned Regularly

A lint trap is not going to catch everything thrown at it. Fine particles can still make it through the exhaust duct, usually getting stuck on corners, vent flaps and screws. Over time, this accumulation of lint will continue to build up, which can cause your connected commercial dryers to work harder yet also become less efficient.

Longer drying times are just one of many problems associated with a neglected exhaust vent. Materials such as dryer sheets, clothes and other items in a dryer may emit noxious fumes, especially at sustained, higher temperatures. Carbon monoxide is one of the biggest threats in this regard, which is why dryer exhausts are designed to filter fumes out and keep your business’ indoor air quality as clean as possible. A lint-filled, dirty and inefficient vent can form blockages and increase the volatile organic compound (VOC) and carbon monoxide counts in your airstream, which can be fatal in some circumstances. The biggest threat of all is fire, however, this is caused by dryers overheating due to exhaust blockage.

Let’s Help You Stay Safe and Protect Your Business

Power Vac of Ottawa is one of the most trusted commercial dryer exhaust cleaning service providers around. Our team knows what to look for, takes every cleaning seriously and refuses to overlook critical details. Our proactive approach, using years of practical experience and state-of-the-art tools, not only protects against dryer fires and poor air quality but also helps cut down energy bills. We’ll set up an initial inspection, followed by a thorough cleaning that leaves nothing to chance. We also offer recurring services if you wish to sign up for annual cleanings.

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